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Piggott’s NDIS Providers is the one-stop health shop for clients in Hunter & Newcastle, offering a range of consumables, mobility and NDIS care services.

NDIS Services

Community Nursing Care

Piggott’s NDIS Providers has a nursing support team that provides personal nursing services to help you maintain or improve your health and well-being. Our nursing care services include wound care, medication administration and more.

Assistance with Travel and Transport

Regular transportation options are not always accommodating to people with disabilities. This is why we provide travel and transport services to NDIS participants, helping you get to your medical appointments and other outside obligations without difficulty.

Innovative Community Participation

Active participation in the community helps people with disabilities build social skills and establish a support network. We offer innovative community participation services to help you gain a foothold on finding suitable employment, joining classes to learn new skills and more.

Therapeutic Support

Therapy is an important part of healing and recovery for people with disabilities. You can receive the physical, emotional and cognitive assistance you need with our therapeutic support services from occupational therapists, speech pathologists and more. 

Plan Management

Piggott’s NDIS Providers offers plan management services. We help you manage your NDIS plan funding by receiving invoices and checking their accuracy, claiming money, making payments to providers and updating you on the status of your NDIS plan.

Exercise Physiology & Personal Wellbeing

Exercise physiology is a crucial part of capacity building, which helps NDIS participants develop life skills for improved independence. As part of your NDIS plan, we provide exercise physiology and personal well-being services from allied health professionals.


Personal Mobility Equipment

Plenty of people with disabilities also experience limited mobility, either because of physical injury or illness. Piggott’s NDIS Providers source the personal mobility equipment you need, such as wheelchairs and adjustable beds, so you can move around more easily.

Assistive Products for Personal Care and Safety

Performing personal tasks can be more challenging for people with disabilities. As an NDIS participant, we’ll provide you with the assistive products you need, such as hearing devices, crutches, or prosthetic devices, to make it safer and easier for you to do your tasks.

Assistive Equipment for Recreation

Sports and recreational activities can help improve the physical and mental well-being of people with disabilities. We provide assistive equipment for recreation for NDIS participants, such as lightweight wheelchairs and other adaptive recreational equipment.

Assistive Products for Household Tasks

Getting household tasks done can be challenging if you have a disability. We make sure you can accomplish simple household tasks on your own safely and easily by providing assistive products, such as environmental control units and handrails.

Vision and Hearing Equipment

Low vision and hearing ability, as well as vision and hearing loss, make it difficult for millions of Australians to live a safe and normal life. We provide vision and hearing equipment, such as low-vision aids and assistive listening devices.

Communication and Information Equipment

Some people with disability may have limited ways to communicate or take in information. We help you on both accounts by providing communication and information equipment, such as text-to-speech systems and phones with tactile buttons.

NDIS Services You Can Count On

Piggott’s NDIS Providers consist of a compassionate staff that is active in the local community. We are committed to delivering genuine and quality care on top of the assistive equipment, technology and support that are a part of our services.

With over five decades of experience in serving the local community in Newcastle, we know the value of every client. We strive to provide NDIS services that you can count on. For any NDIS care needs, we encourage you to get in touch with Piggott’s.

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